Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brand This Moment

I am flying through days without realizing it. I don't know if it's the twins that make me lose track of time, or just everything in general, but the days are here then gone before I know it. It's almost sad in a way. There is no way to stop or freeze time; I find myself trying to slow every moment with a certain amount of gratitude and awareness. Perhaps if I really do stop and pick those pretty flowers I will add seconds to my day; maybe if I enjoy the vast beauty of the endless hills and puffy clouds I will have noted a few more minutes--bottled them into my sub-conscious so that I can enjoy them again. Monuments and treasures, I'm trying to force them into my mind. Do something powerful; do something memorable, I keep trying to tell myself. Brand this moment.

"This too shall pass," doesn't only apply to difficult things, unfortunately. Our lives are truly but a vapor.

Brand this moment.

That was a letter I just wrote to my friend. Makes me think: How do we brand moments? What can we do to make sure we've lived in the moment instead of in yesterday or in tomorrow? How will you remember your life; how will others remember you?

I've decided to compile a list of seventeen ways to live in the moment, either with yourself, or with others. The trick is to actually live in the moment, instead of only thinking about living in the moment. :)

1. Listen to the rain.
2. Dance to music.
3. Run.
4. Pray/meditate.
5. Drive barefooted.
6. Help someone move.
7. Pick flowers.
8. Serve at a soup kitchen.
9. Donate most (or some) of your belongings.
10. Give a huge sum of money to someone in need.
11. Bake a loaf of bread.
12. Hold hands with your best friend.
13. Sing a song (and think about the words).
14. Run through the sprinklers!
15. Watch and observe others.
16. Listen intently.
17. Read in the shade of a tree.

How will you brand today?

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